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07 Feb 2019

New Mortal Kombat movie in the works and looks very promising according to the Galway Gamer’s commentary. link

Rocky Bergen has made a Papercraft A500 link

Pixel Vixen link

Adam Podstawczynski link

Marcus Mac Phaidín – Issue 77 of Amiga Format (Nov, 1995) featured his Batman image “Batman Digital Justice” and it was hand drawn using DPaint IV and Brilliance 2. link

Bambi Amiga – services you can’t imagine on this lean-machine from England at link (web, php, e-mail, ftp)

Amiga Ireland 2020 is happening in Athlone, on the 17th & 18th of January 2020 😀

Ask Amiga – questions from the audience
Can you tell me where I should start trouble-shooting my A500? Reluctant to even power on because I don’t trust the PSU. (Alessandro)

How can I repair a bricked C64c power supply that was causing all the sockets in the house to trip? (Gerald)

C64c with a red LED and a black screen. As a total beginner I’d love to be able to resurrect them myself. Any tips/resources for replacing capacitors for a complete noob with no soldering experience? (Gerald)

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Helge, Jeroen, Matthew

Also thanks for donating to Paul, Mattie, John & Shane

Music was by Virtual Dimensions and Banjo Guy Ollie link