Terrible Episode Name

08 Apr 2021

Image: Time and Space by Mattie Whittle, 2nd place winner of the Amiga Ireland 2021 Pixel Art competition.

Amiberry 4.1 has come out of beta and is available for download (link)
AROS One has a new release (link)
GoShell, an attractive, full-screen shell for Amiga (link)

After 12 years, Jurassic Pack diskmag is back (link)
Amiga Forever 9 released (link)
New batch of Sam460CR boards produced… and sold out (link)
Revision Online 2021 has finished – biggest demoscene event (link)
amigaXfer lets you bootstrap your Amiga without floppies (link)
TF1230 has been announced (link)
Dynamic Intuition Window Manager (link)
Lubricator – a fast Amiga program for demo lovers (link)
Amiga Future (link)
Music in this segment is The Escape by Virtual Dimension. Follow here: (link)

ArtPazz by Retream for AGA Amigas (link)
Metal Gear Amiga port in development, previewed on AmigaBills Stream (link)
Kings Valley – a remake of an MSX platformer from 1985 (link)
(Michal Bergseth of) Amitopia interviews the developer of Boss Machine, an upcoming Amiga AGA shooter (needs 2MB chip RAM, min) (link)
F1GP Car Set for 2021 has been released (link)
Galactica – a clone of a Linux game Konquest. The goal is to dominate all planets. (link)
Eye of The Beholder C64 Beta test stream (link)
Slayers of High Toro will be released as a boxed game on May 8th (link)
Souless 2 under development (link)
Music in this segment is Turrican II, Traps by Banjo Guy Ollie. Browse and support: (link)

Kradwaty, a clone of the game Dissapearing Balls (PC, 1992) (link)
Virus X resurrected – the author George Wittmann needs help (link)
MEGA65 March update; preorders happening sometime this year (link)
Amiga Future game cheat database with game downloads (link)
“Demoscene accepted as UNESCO cultural heritage in Germany” (link)
Finland also did the same as Germany in 2020 (link)
Chocolate Joystick episode is back online (S1 E4) (link)
8-Bit Civilizations: C64 version of Civilization II (link)
THTTPd – an easy-to-use web and PHP server for Amiga (link)
Tygras Amiga web site (link)
3 Things You Can Do With THEC64 That ARENT Games (link)
Music in this segment is Ascend by XTD. Explore and support: (link)

Temporary File Upload (link)
Music in this segment is Riding on the Edge by Dippy. Find them here: (link)

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Song of the month is Terrible Song Name by Banjo Guy Ollie which came 2nd place in the Amiga Ireland MOD competition 2021.


Full credits and links: Pocast Artistic Credits