Take It from the Top

29 Mar 2018

Bambi Amiga, the service that hosts websites and email accounts on an A1200 is now offering a disk imaging service. Postage is international. link

Riva 0.53 link – the fastest MPG player

AmiSSL 4.2 link

Aweb 3.5.12 web browser – link

KwaKwa – Filip Maryjanski has just released his source code for the KwaKwa – MorphOS communicator and its plug-ins

LightView – A light wave 3D viewer has had a full release for download on Aminet. AGA. 8 March 2018
Full version released after almost two decades with environment mapping and support of coloured surfaces

DcRaw – CLI converter for RAW digital photos port MorphOS by BeWorld

Apollo Core 2.7 Release!!! And 2.8 as well
Main features:
* Fast Hardware FPU (to play some games or Demos)
* AMMX2 (to highly accelerate Video, Jpeg, Workbench, many games)
* High performance Memory controller (Making your Vamp even faster now)
* Countless improvements

David Pleasances book should be available by June according to a blog post by Trevor Dickenson. link and covers his trip to Amiga Ireland 2018, AmigaOne and OS4.1 developments, Tower 57 testing, Amiga books and a lot more.

MORPHOS 3.10 has been released – it’s been 1010 days since last release. Lots of improvements and it also works now on Amiga One X5000

Amigarama covers Hero Quest link
Tower 57 is available for AmigaOS, MorphOS and AROS link
Blake Stone ports for Amiga 68k
Bombjack “beer edition” by Graeme Cowie has had a Beta release link
Bomberman 64 is a clone of Bomberman for C64 – there’s been a free download release recently, also available for purchase on a cartridge boxed version.
MorphOS ports of some great games – Stunt Car Racer, Stratagus, C-Dogs
Spencer released for OS4
Pets Rescue for the C= Plus 4. Platformer that’s a little like Mario and gives the C64 and even the Amiga some good competition link
Wyrmsun 3.3.0 for MorphOS – great RTS strategy game – very similar to good old Warcraft –
Stunt Car Racer Remake has been ported to OS4 and is available as OS4depot link
Native AGA version of Day of Tentacle – great point’n’click adventure game
Epic Skidmarks will run a modern version of Skidmarks in your web browser on desktop or mobile, possibly chromecast/apple tv to big screen too! link
Amiga online MineSweeper, released, for any Amiga with TCP/IP (madatory!).
Convert MOD to mp3 online link

Eraser (PC tool for erasing hard drives and files) written by coders in Greystones
MsMadLemon has a Flickr channel with fantastic photos of Commodore stuff and other projects link also a Discord channel link has about 15 different Amiga text editors among it’s entries. link
L_RKeyMaps on provides Dvorak keyboard layouts for one handed typists either left or right (think Boris from GoldenEye movie). link

Germany: AROS install and config party by AROS team member phoenixkonsole.

USB-stick, sd-card, DVD/CD and pre-configure them to fit to your Computer (if you have it). Writing iCAROS, AspireOS, Broadway, Aminux, AEROS to these media. Software tutorials. 3D-printing.
The first workshop is scheduled for Sat., March 17th, at 11:00 (doors), with follow-ups on April 21st, May 19th, and many more dates (see link below). link


Ask Amiga
Send your questions for Ask Amiga to

In two weeks time we talk with someone from the Amiga 3D modelling scene as well as the creator of AmiBerry. Tune in in two weeks time for the interview with Maudib and MiDWaN.

Riding With Amiga by Shot 97 link