Slow Reveal

09 Jan 2020

A1222 Limited Edition early orders for EUR 400 (shipping in 2020) (link)
Royal Mail introducing classic British games, including many Amiga titles (link)
New Sane version released for OS4 with support of over 500 HP printers (link)

Versus #9 an Amiga Chart magazine for OS4 released (link)
TF1260 Nears Completion, latest revision board being tested (link)
Amiberry 3.0.11 binary released (link)
Hansfaust is porting Bars and Pipes to AROS – wish them luck 🙂 (link)
New version of WIFI PRISM2v2 drivers by Neil Cafferkey (link)
C64 calendar for 2020 has been released and reviewed (link)
Massive SlamTilt competition happening at Amiga France (link)
Amiga Future magazine have a new 2020 issue (link)
ScreenTime has been released on aminet (link)
Chuck Peddle has passed away and a tribute to his work has been created (link)

An in-progress port of Chaos Engine C64 has been teased on Twitter (link)
“Trap Runner Bonus – Black Strawberry Cake” (link)
Battle Brush – multiplayer party game for classic Amiga with optional AI opponents (link)
Night of the Zombies 1.0 released for OS4 (link)
Dead Cold is a shell game for AROS (link)
Yoomp OCS/ECS version (link)
Super Tux Cart for OS4 ( (link)
Raid Over Moscow Preview 2 released, almost complete as a game (link)
Jump AGA version – a clone of Atari XL/XE & C64 Yoomp (link)

Amiga and C64 music stream (link)
Pen Partner for 68k Amiga offers Wacom support (link)
Big list of favourite commodities on (link)

Vertical Split Screens on the Amiga (link)
Top Tweet: (link)
Top FB Post: Seamus Brain game (congrats to Dominik on guessing the right answer so quickly). (link)

World of Commodore 92 by Sanity