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30 Oct 2018

Kipper2K has developed a replacement keyboard for Amigas that uses Cherry MX keys – well regarded amongst keyboard aficionados. A500, 600, 1200 and external keyboards in the works. Custom Cherry keycaps also in the works. link

Peceha has drawn very stylish 4 colour icons.

Jon Aasenden is creating a distributed software system that can run native Amiga applications. link has moved to link

Ben Daglish one of the best c64 music composers died – he was 52.

Amiga Open Source Preservation project are looking for help to increase their pace of preservation link

 Aaron Smith of Amiga On the Lake (Amiga retailer in the USA) has said that they have ordered more X5000s than any other retailer in the world! Half of their customers are new to OS4 and quarter have had no prior exposure to Amiga link

Retro Ready is a new online shop specialising in Amiga and occasionally other systems as well. The address is link and at the moment has replacements and upgrades for A600 and A1200 mostly. (Thank you 😉

Also from Kipper2K, an A1200 8MB RAM board, also includes RTC, SD card and SPI interface with driver for ethernet add-on link

Microsoft Tools link
Tools to display different Microsoft Office documents formats.

Dizzy Torrent version 2.0

Platoterm64 is a client for IRATA.ONLINE . Clients for C64 & C128 exist and an Amiga client is already nearing release. (See Discoveries below for an introduction to IRATA.ONLINE, it’s worth looking into) link

Giana Sisters celebrate their 30th Anniversary with a new game link

 Zatacka [C64]

New Amiga game “Aminer” came 2nd at Retrokomp 2018 link

Knights of Lore for the C128 is in development supporting the VIC-2 and the VDC. link

RetroKomp – Gdańsk game compo, Poland

Invaders – a Space Invaders clone currently in development for Amiga link

Barbarian – He-man edition:

1984 Elite promo video

There are movies converted to HAM8 available online such as Naussicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Also, there are tutorials online for how to convert your ripped DVDs to Amiga compatible formats. They’re very involved. The easiest one so far is a one-line command you can run which gives you lower quality HAM6 video called hvconvert.hv link
Book covering its history and development “The Friendly Orange Glow”:

IRC has just turned 30 years old!!

IRATA.ONLINE – Online networked environment which provides multi-player games, multi-user chat, notes, applications, lots of educational titles, screen-sharing facilities across different systems and even a collaborative development environment.

A client is now available for C64 & C128 and Amiga (Amiga is pre-release at time of writing). There are other retro platforms supported such as Atari 8-bit, Apple II, ZX Spectrum, DOS as well as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and more. Supports modern interfaces too such as touch screen and 24-bit colour graphics but seems to be standardised around line art and custom fonts.
YouTube demonstration of the online aspect: link
Main site / download:  link  

The next CCMI meeting is on Fri 2nd November, 5:30pm – 7:30pm. Thanks to Flirt FMs Galway Gamer for giving us a shout out. Listen to Galway Gamer live here: link

The Computer & Comms museum of Ireland has opened the mystery package received from It was an A570 in fantastic condition including packaging and documentation. There were audible gasps as it was opened.

Scottish Amiga User Group Christmas meetup is scheduled for Sunday, 9th December in Shawlands Church Hall, G41 3TP

Thanks to Paul H for donating to the event on top of booking his ticket. Much appreciated! Several more tickets have been sold in the last week alone.

MsMadLemon’s Discord channel can now be accessed from your IRC client. Connect to and visit #madlemon-main and say hello!

Ask Amiga
5.25” floppy drives on the Amiga

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Also a shoutout to FlirtFM Radio who have mentioned us and our events. The Galway Gamer radio show have been really supportive of our group. Eoghan Murphy is the show host and it airs every Thursday @2pm on Flirt FM.  link


Music was by Virtual Dimensions and Banjo Guy Ollie link

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Best of AHX Vol. 1 – “Fame” by Pink link