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05 Sep 2019

WRP 4.4 has been released by Tenox. Allows you to access HTTPS sites from old computers. (link)
New version of a great tool ADFer (link)
RNOPDF – an app to view PDF files (link)
Final Writer teases “minor update” in the works. (link)
New AmiBerry Beta runs on the Odroid N2, one of the fastest platforms available. (link)
Issue 9 of Versus is being prepared. 2019 edition of the diskmagazine/charts for Amiga. (link)
Warp 560 goes into production (link)
IBrowse 2.5 Released (link)
AmigaAmp updated, bug fixes and internal code changes (link)
Icon Poser 1.0 released for AROS (link)

Turbo Tomato Vegetables have never been so much fun Works on any 1MB Amiga. (link)
Metro Siege – a great beatem up game for Amiga (link)
Diablo is being ported to Amiga (link)
Worm Wars released for AmigaOS (3 +4), MorphOS and AROS. 2MB RAM. (link)
Wonder Girl in Moster Place – a new platformer in the making (link)
The Shadow over HawkSmill – a great platformer in the making (link)
Four unreleased Dutch games by two members from Switch named Geert-Jan and Johan (link)
Psycho Tic Tac Toe (68k), a first attempt at a game by this dev. Contributions welcome with the AI. (link)

Cross Compilation for Amiga (using Windows, Mac or Linux) (link)
Amiga Revive – a new Amiga website (link)
Doom/Wolfenstein 3D game running on A500 (link)
KA Plus magazine are now selling T-Shirts with their attractive cover art. (link)
An Amiga BBS all about Commodore and Amiga (link)
C cross compiler, runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and even produces an ADF (hat-tip to fsphil) (link)
Belgian Amiga Clubs Amiga compatible website incorporating Facebook content. (link)
Amigaula is a UAE game scanner and launcher for Windows by Blitterstudio (link)

Xenium 2019 (link)
DataStorm 2019 (link)
Scottish Amiga Users Group meetup, Rosyth rugby club, Sun 8th Sep (link)

Amiga 1000 Kickstart situation (link)
Top Tweet: (link)
Top FB Post: (link)

Lethal Xcess – Main Menu by Jochen Hippel