Memory Over Matter

09 Mar 2020

Cover image: Cover image this month is Sayonara, Okaasan… by Vicky Lamburn who came 1st in the pixel art category.

AGABlaster new version – CDXL player (link)
Yet another update for IBrowse – this time 2.5.2 (link)
New Animation datatype for AROS is completed and looking for testers (link)

Amiga Tech Tips and Repairs Facebook group, for the techies out there (link)
AmiSSL 4.4 has been updated as well (link)
YT.rexx is a script for providing direct video & audio links from YouTube URLs, (link)
SSHterm (link)
MorphOS 3.13 (link)
Tabor may be delayed due to manufacturing slowdown in China being experienced internationally. Also, kind words about Amiga Ireland by A-EON and Trevor Dickinson, thank you so much. (link)

Mutation Software is back after 25 years (link)
Legacy – dungeon crawler is being worked on (link)
The Curse of Rabenstein (link)
Zorro – a new Amiga game in development with graphics by Jojo073 (link)
Wings Remastered – a new demo version to be downloaded (link)
The Shadow Over Hawksmill – A dark C64 Cthulhu inspired game gets a digital release (link)
Speed Dreams 2 (3D racing sim) released for AROS as well as OS4 and Morphos (link)
Old Tower gets released for C64 (link)
Psytronik open pre-orders for two new Amiga games (link)

X-Bench by Jim Neray and Tutorial by CRG (link)
Impressive version of Doom clone for Amiga 500 is in the works (link)
A-Train tutorial by Joe Kyle (not the Amiga version, but still useful) (link)
Lotus Turbo Challenge on Amiga was part of the inspiration for Horizon Chase (link)

Gerp 2020 – demoscene party – a lot of Amiga demos released (link)

Largest memory expansions for the Amiga (link)
Top Tweet: (link)
Top FB Post: (link)

Raid Over Moscow (Good Ending)” by Simone Bernacchia a.k.a. J.M.D which came 1st place in the Commodore Creative Competition at Amiga Ireland 2020