Meet the New Key, Same as the Old Key

05 Aug 2019

New C= parts as easy as “Tea; Early Grey, Hot”? 15 years of AmigaKit, new releases, crash course in AREXX & Assember programming and a great version of the Final Fight theme. All this and our usual round up of events, games and troubleshooting tips.

Tiny Aros by salvatore. A 615MB ISO which will work on emulation or hardware, like AROS. (link)
AEROS 4.3 has been released for Raspberry Pi 3 as a free download (link)
Leu, a simple spreadsheet application, which started as a excel and openoffice viewer. (link)

BestWB 1.2 (link)
Netsurf 3.9 released two weeks ago for Amiga OS. (link)
Iris beta 62 for MorphOS. Bugfixes and features relating to IMAP, attachments and more. (link)
Amiga Kit are celebrating their 15th year in the month just gone, july. (link)
AROS One v1.1, a new X86 + 68K distro. Download and tutorial in the show notes. (link)
Apollo Gold Core 2.12 (release candidate). (link)
Romulator for A500 A600 allows ROM files to be read from SD in place of original ROM. (link)
Source code to Deluxe Paint 1 (1986) uploaded to Github. Manual included. (link)
AmigaOS has been released with mostly bugfixes but a few features also. (link)
Checkmate 1500 Plus cases shipping (link)

Landfill, a new Amiga game is out now for 1MB Amigas. (link)
Blog review of Skill Grid on classic AGA Amiga on Epsilons Amiga blog. (link)
Mr. Sture is an adventure about collecting gold. A child friendly jump-and-run for OS4. (link)
Runaway is a remake of the LCD game of the same name, originally by Gakken. (link)
Los Chinos, new game for OS4 Amiga. (link)
Pong 4K on Aminet. Up to 4 players on Amiga. (link)
Amiga game JetHunt AGA by Rob “Coagulus” Hewitt. (link)

10,000 Protracker compatible tunes in a 1.8GB pack (link)
Crash course to Amiga assembly programming (link)
AREXX Getting Started Guide (link)
Schematics of Amiga PCBs for different models and revisions (link)
Famous Amiga uses (link)
Amiga PCB explorer (link)
Python support for Amiga (link)

AmiJam 2019 with Trevor Dickinson in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Aug 10th 2019, FREE (link)
Commodore Vegas Expo, August 10th & 11th 2019. EUR 25 (link)

Setpatch: What patches does it apply? (link)
Top Tweet: Peter Mulholland Interview. (link)
Top FB Post: James Whelan Q about Zipstick refurb with issues. (link)

Final Fight – Lost in Time cover by Silok