How Do They Do That?

04 Mar 2021

(Image: Heavy Metal Amiga by Eric Hill aka – 1st place winner of the Pixel Art category, Creative Competition 2021)
MsMadLemon is in the New York Times talking about retro computing. (link)
Amiga Ireland 2021 Youtube playlist has been uploaded with all scheduled features (link)
Amiga for Mortals blog (link)
Amiga Ireland 2021 creative competition is complete (link) 

CopperDragon Amiga Digital Video project – HDMI out for OCS/ECS Amigas (link)
Backers have started receiving Demoscene: The Amiga Years – heres a review (link)
Markdown editor for Amiga released for OS4. (link)
Solas: an Amiga lighting and fan control system demod at Amiga Ireland (link)
Zapped to the Past podcast covers C64 games started up in February (link)

Dodgy Rocks is now available in physical form (link)
Record-breaking hi-scores on Dodgy Rocks at Amiga Ireland 2021 (link)
Turbo Sprint AGA Beta 5 released (link)
Spacehulk inspired levels for Worms: Directors Cut AGA uploaded to aminet (link)
Bull Run – a military turn based strategy game (link)
Dual Stick Controller was demod at Amiga Ireland. We asked what youd play with it. (link)
Labbaye Des Morts – C64 game now available for free (link)
Winners of the hi-score competition from AI2021 have been immortalised on our hi-score page (link)
Bean vs The Animator demoed on Twitch (link)
Black Dawn Rebirth – a sci-fi dungeon crawler is available for free now (published by Double Sided Games) (link)

Language learning app SuperMemo app (iOS, Android, Web) began on Amiga in the 90s (link)
Mark Ferrari pixel art available as a mobile app (link)
Teenager who smuggled computers through the Iron Curtain (link)
Reverse engineered 65xx and 85xx chips for Commodores etc (link)
WebDiskWriter by The Electronic Knights (link)
Questions 2.1 – Flashcards for learning on Amiga (link)
Retro Rewind: A shop for Commodore fans based based just inside southern Canada in Toronto (link)
Floor 13 – Amiga Game (link)
Crionics group interivewed on Danish TV in 1990 (link)
Remute Floppy Tools Vol. 1 (via Stormkeeper) (link)
Amiga Flashback a podcast based purely on Amiga music. (link)
The One Megabyte Club (link)
Little Things That Made Amiga Great (link)

Top Tweet: (link)
Top FB Post: (link)
How Do They Do That by Punnk – 1st place at Amiga Ireland 2021 (link)

How Do They Do That by Punnk – 1st place at Amiga Ireland 2021