04 Oct 2018

A lot of great things happening in the world of Amiga and Amiga Ireland this month.

New keycaps finally in production

Commodore the Inside Story by David Pleasance available to buy:

10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast is a new Amiga show that is viewable on your Amiga with the right setup link

Netsurf 68k ver. 3.8

FPGASID in the making.

Amiga Live 0.95 released link

Alpha of Gold 3 Core for Vampire boards. AGA emulation but no RTG or FPU for now

Amiga OS 3.1.4 for 68k machines has been released. link

Checkmate A1500+ case Kickstarter goal met

Trap Runner

Sqrxz 4 has been released. Works also on OCS Amigas according to website.

Shadow Switcher – c64

Ragin Orlando WIP C64 game.

Tower of Rubble c64

Yoomp64 – Pre-orders are open for the next batch. Works on C64 but also Mac, PC. link

Unofficial cd32 release 50 cd32 games.
link has been bought by someone. Here’s how it looks like now.

Burning .cue on linux is best done with ImgBurn for CD-32. Lowest burn speed is recommended but my new burners don’t go any lower than x10. Worked fine.

AHX (Abyss’ Highest eXperience) format. True chiptunes, like SIDs on the C64. Whereas MOD bundled samples and had fewer commands, these work with fundamental waveforms and lots of great music. There are players available for many platforms including Win, Lin, Mac, AmigaOS, BEOS: link

22nd Sept, Finnish Amiga Users Group met and Mike from Cloanto was there link

Computer & Communications Museum in Galway are having a gathering on Friday 12th Oct. Admission is free but get in touch first as places are limited.

Confirmed workshops for Amiga Ireland 2019 include:
3D Modelling with Lightwave by Muadib
AROS installation & Configuaration with core developer Neil McCafferkey
AmiBerry installation and configuration with RetroPi by core developer

Online Activity
New members:
Welcome to Alessandro Kurtz, Rodolfo Guerra, Cengiz Dennis Aydin, Joao Paulo Almeida, Steve Bennett, Gerald McMahon, Alan Colohan, José Auspício Henriques,
Also Ricky Murgia, Daniel Pierzecki. Fabian McElhill, Matt Armstrong, David John Rambo Preece,
And Damien Hunter, Jan Hällholm, Rupert Herbst, Erik Hogan, Andreas Magarl, Cameron Armstrong, Keith Lutener,
Top FB Post: Steve McGarr 3D printed lithophane of Simon the Sorcerer link
Lukasz Mulczynski issue #5 of Secret Service game magazine link
Top Tweet: 30 year old computer running IRC and a Twitter client to read Irish language tweets link

Music was by Virtual Dimensions and Banjo Guy Ollie link


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