Guess Who?

07 Mar 2019

Amiga Ireland 2020 “Guess Who” crossword click here

The Motherfolkers Podcast with Banjo Guy Ollie YouTube

New version of Personal Paint released. V 7.3c for Classic OS3 and OS4. link

Hoffman PT-1210 special. Special edition of Unstable Radio with a 100% Commodore Amiga DJ set using two Amiga 1200’s and a DJ Mixer. link

DosBox RTG and AGA0.74 by NovaCoder

Whdload 18.4 released

Celtic Heart

Return to Castle Wolfenstein (final version) for Amiga OS4 has had been completed thanks to work by Hugues ‘HunoPPC’ Nouvel. Website was created by George

Reshoot R, the successor of Reshoot and is a horizontal scrolling
shoot’em’up for the Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 or CD32 will be released in the first quarter of 2019. Sound track has already been released link

The Shadows of Sergoth – teaser available on Twitter

Rygar AGA – Amiga port

Bruce Lee – Return of Fury (C64)

Tenebra Macabre


Lunark announced for C64

On Amiga, pixels were not perfect squares. link
Hurrican is a Turrican fan tribute for powerful Amigas, PC & Linux link
Super Skidmarks is being rebooted by it’s original author link
Someone has knitted/croched amazing Lemmings figures link
Detect counterfeit USB devices with this tool link
Ameko (via Seamus) link

Upcoming Events
Spain: link
Poland: link
Germany: link

Norwich Amiga Group meeting, One Life Left – Norwich Gaming Cafe, UK

Syntax Error Retro Party – 6 & 7 April, Gliwice, Poland – games tournament, live acts “Holewa” – Dark Synth, Cyberpunk, Dark Ambient.
Seminaries – Retro Bubble phenomenon // Raspberry Pi and Amiga
Retro Ready is one of the official sponsors of the Party.
K&A Plus Magazine is also involved in organising and supporting the party.

Revision 2019, April 19th to 22nd 2019 in Saarbrücken

Amiga Ireland 2019 Survey Results

Ask Amiga
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Online Activity
Top Tweet: Thank you from Amiga Ireland to everyone who attended link

Top FB post: Was by Seamus Doyle warning about counterfeit SD cards and there is a link to an auditing tool there too link

New members:
Eoghan Kidney, Eils Ó’Flaherty, Robert Magro, Dan Wood, Erlend Dal Sakshaug, Walter Mamo, Colin Callanan, John Shawler, Graham Thomson, Olivier Corpataux, Tom Gaskin, Aidan Doyle, Sebastian Faryna, Allan DDNI, Edvin Folgerø Helland, Colin McCausland, Ian Griffiths.
Leandro Rodrigo Piñero, Mark Kennedy, Tomas Ward, Amiga A600/500, Brenda Stones,
Robert Paul Hardy, Adam Craig Johnston, Howard Taylor, Celso Bernardino Costa, Robert Burnett, Pedro Sousa, Patrick Frick, Andrew Santos, Michal Madetko
Flemming Dupoint, George Papas, Matthew Smith, Eddie Brilly, Geoff Major, Luis Rita, Magnus Woon, Jeroen Tel, Hardy Robert Paul, Luis Puértolas, Alastair James Inglis, Adrian Wallett, Gavin Winters, Cormac Traynor

Check out the crossword at to see who our guest for Amiga Ireland 2020 is!

Music was by Virtual Dimensions and Banjo Guy Ollie link

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We play out with the winner of this years MOD contest from Amiga Ireland 2019; 1st place was Dawn of Delusions by Olivier Degand aka Ok3an0s/Nuance link