Grand Opening

20 Feb 2022

AmiGemini 0.6 has new features added (link)
AmigaOS 3.2.1 has been released (link)
SWOS World Cup Returns (link)
APOLLO-CORE Update for the Vampire V2 V600 / V500 / V1200 version 2.15RC (link)
A new joystick on the way – UniThor (link)
TerribleFire 1260 Alpha firmware released (link)
KA59 – a mechanical keyboard available from Rastport (link)
A summary of progress regarding A1222+ Tabor by Trevor Dickinson (link)
KA Plus (link)
Amiga User (link)
Amiga Addict (link)
Amiga Future (link)

Attack of the PetSCII Robotos has been released (link)
Green Beret – an arcade COLD WAR platformer has been ported to Amiga (link)
Chocktris – yet another great looking clone of Tetris (link)
UniThor joystick working with JUMP – first forced feedback video (link)
Astro Blox Revisited DIGITAL FREE DOWNLOAD – a beautiful version of Sokoban (link)
A very first playable demo of Rick Dangerous AGA Enhanced (link)
Robot JET ACTION – a beautiful looking platfomer for C64 (link)
Target Renegade gets a first teaser for Amiga (link)

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