Going Viral

09 May 2020

COVER ART “Mirrorworld” by Douglas Compton who came 3rd place at Amiga Ireland 2020

HAM convert – converts jpg/gif/png to Amiga graphic modes (ILBM IFF) (link)
New Amiga viruses (link)
UnRAR v5.90 released (link)

RetroPie 4.6 – Now with Raspberry Pi4 support. (link)
cAMIra – small webcam software that uses VHI drivers on 68K Amigas (link)
Spotless for OS4 (link)
AmiSSL goes open-source with version 4.5 (link)
Amiberry v3.1.3.1 – with improved WHDLoad and JIT (Just in time) support, bug fixes. (link)
Homebank 4.6.3 for OS4 – Transactions features such as break down by category. Cash-flow diagram. (link)
Odyssey Web Browser is now on GitHub. Updates to FFMpeg and Youtube scripts. (link)
Amos Professional AGA – An updated open source version with support for the AGA chipset (and other enchancements) (link)
Interview with founder of AmigaTronics Israel Ortuño (link)
AmiED – remotely edit files on Amiga from a Unix machine (link)
Raemixx500 (link)
Star Trek Ships database for OS4 (link)
It Came From the Desert audiodrama (10 minute YouTube with cast) (link)

Happy Bat – a Flappy Bird clone for AGA machines made with RedPill (link)
A new teaser for Chaos Engine 64 – C64 version of Chaos Engine (link)
Freds Journey – a colourful platformer (link)
Project Osiris – Alien Breed 3D levels converted to GZDoom (by ArcturusDeluxe) (link)
Dodgy Rocks creator has made his PC/mobile games free until May 31st 2020 (link)
GermZ – a new game from Last Minute Creations (link)
ZgR3D – logical game made by Project R3D (link)
Jumping Around – very simple BlitzBasic game with chance to view the code (link)
Świdroń – unreleased Boulder Dash clone by Wanted Team from 1994 gets released (link)
Fix it Felix for C64 released (link)

ARC – Adams Recipe Application (link)
CU See Me (early videoconferencing software) had an Amiga client (link)
Commander 85 Nostalgic sci-fi thriller and hacker simulator set in the 80s (link)
Libgd (updated for AmigaOS) allows dynamic image creation (link)
LIVE600 – Telnet into an A600 from your browser (link)
OS4Emu – an API wrapper to allow some OS4 applications to run on MorphOS (link)
Ignition – a spreadsheet application for OS3 (2006 build) and OS4 (2020 build) (link)
AmigAtari – 12 hours of the best of Atari ST demoscene music on 1 floppy (Revision 2020) (link)


Top Tweet: (link)
Top FB Post: Alanna Kelly, Gavin Byrne, Seamus Doyle, Mark Conroy and Wayne Woodcock (link)

“Keep The Rhythm” by fuzion_mixer – came 3rd place at Amiga Ireland 2020