24 Sep 2020

Cover image: “Thanasis Amp v3” by Muadib which came joint 1st place in the Creative Competition at Amiga Ireland 2020 (link)
IBrowse 2.5.3 released with increased performance of HTTPS connections thanks to Session Caching and Persistant HTTP(S)Connection. (link)
AmiExpress BBS gets a rewrite (link)
AmiBerry now lets you send commands to linux from Amiga Shell. Shared clipboard also implemented. (link)

AmiWest 2020 back on for this October. Guests will include Doug from 10Marc and Trevor Dickinson if travel restrictions are lifted in time(thanks George) (link)
Assembler source codes for Psygnosis shooter Agony released (link)
MsMadLemon has a blog now covering everything from photography, electronics, SIDbox develpment and of course, Amiga (link)
Syndicate Board Game (link)
CS-Labs, the creators of Warp 1260 have shared a fascinating story of how an online Amiga scam prompted them to create their accellerators. (link)
The R.A.G.E. has closed its doors in Fade St. and reopened on 8 Crow Street (link)
Amiga FFS now supported by linux kernel 5.9 RC4 – thanks to Mark from Binary Times Podcast for the tip 🙂 (link)
5-part guide on Amiberry-powered Lightwave render farm is completed (MiDWaN) (link)
Amikit for vampire teased for August release (link)
You can now convert HAM video more easily on linux thanks to agaconv. (link)

Turrican II was updated on for the 1st time since 2009. Controller button additions and CDTV support are among the updates. (link)
Turbo Tomato to get physical release in early 2021 (link)
Alien Neoplasma a great looking horror platformer is coming to C64 (link)
Amigo the Fox is a new game by Earok. Alpha version has 6 levels to play. (link)
Tiny Bobble – an almost arcade quality port of Bubble Bobble released for Amiga (link)
Beyond a Steel Sky released earlier this summer on mobile and updated just recently to improve the controls. (link)
ScummVM 2.1.2 has been released for Amiga. Its a complete packgage with working themes, bugfixes and additions of Eye of the Beholder 1 & 2, Toonstruck and Woodruf. (link)

FS-UAE is available on Haiku OS. Current version has issues and doesnt launch. (link)
IFF-ILBM plugin for GIMP (link)
ARMSID (link)
You can calculate your WPA password for Prism2v2 quickly Then, just update your config on Amiga when needed. (link)
pre-released in May, Visual Studio Code Extension to compile, debug and profile Amiga C/C++ programs compiled by the bundled gcc 10.1 with the bundled WinUAE (link)
A website listing Amiga appearances in TV & film. Sledgehammer Season 1 and Get Smart the movie are on the list. (link)
Free library of AMOS PDF books (link)


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Martin Ivesons Moody Breeze from Jaguar XJ220 arranged by PTY