“Everybody Online, Looking Good”

08 Nov 2020

Ask Your Amiga – Wolfram Alpha client for the Amiga (link)
New OS4 blog for developers (link)
Wayfarer – version 1.5 of the Web browser just got released (link)
Online BASIC programming workshop for the Commodore 64 with the Computer Museum of Ireland and Rob Cranley. Register here (link)
Amiga Ireland 2021 is canceled – at least, the planned event, due to the pandemic. We will meet online instead for a few hours. Sign up at the link. (link)

Solie continued by revealing the ExecSG (link)
Dave Haynie is designing Amiga hardware again, this time with Individual Computers (link)
WHDLoad 18.6 has been released (link)
SSH Term has new release (1.8) for OS4 (link)
P96 3.0 released (link)
Partcopy 1.0 – Shell application to copy disk partition(s) to a file for backup/restore (link)
Amiga Addict – a new UK based magazine is taking pre-orders (link)
You can listen to our interview about Italys Amiga scene with Alex on our website (link)
Device Loaded allows your application to check if a device is loaded or not (link)

Wiz: Quest for the Magic Lantern goes on sale this November 7th. (link)
Super Metal Hero is an AGA platformer being coded in Blitz Basic, looks great (link)
A Pigs Quest gets another great teaser (link)
Metro Siege – development for this traditional brawler has progressed to Level 2 (link)
Jump Besi Jump is a Doodle Jump clone for 68K Amigas (link)
The Ur-Quan Masters gets a new release candidate on PPC Amigas after 7 years (link)
MrPoker – A workbench game with keyboard controls and good graphics. (link)
Dodgy Rocks new champion Wolkero got 5,000 points on Amiga (link)

DISCOVERIES are selling high quality DB9 joysticks (link)
Free online circuit simulator, easy to use with many quite advanced features (link)
Fixing Amiga Final Fight (link)
Vectors demogroup had a reunion in 2019 and now Trixie is blogging again (link)

Electronic CAD packages on the Amiga (AmiCAD, AmiPCB) (link)
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The song of the month this month is Jason Brookes Space Harrier arranged this time by Peter_Clarke