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02 Nov 2017

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Interesting music disk series called MODULAR SOUNDS by ArtState Digital – Andrzej Wilk
They sound really great and the visual side is very stylish and appealing as well. The latest incarnation is Modular Sounds 10.

IBrowse 2.5 was demoed at AmiWest and will be at Amiga32 show in Germany.

On a similar note, Voyager browser has been released under GPLv3
runs on Amiga OS on 68k, coldfire and PPC. Supports SSL up to v3, has a Flash plugin and an internal HTML editor.

The book is to be published in January

Guru Meditation have interviewed David Pleasance and Trevor Dickenson. Even if you know this story, the interview is very funny and worth a watch. link

Mini-ITX Amiga motherboard

link demo group have launched their website and are recruiting. Visit their site to find out more or to sample their demos. Members come mostly from Norway but also France, Poland, Germany, Hungary, USA, Denmark, Finland,

Custom laptop case (Portia) shown at AmiWest. Made for Tabor, or any standard miniITX board

GeoTelenet app for WiFi modems
A beta version of geoTelnet, a full color ANSI/ASCII Telnet client for C64Net WiFi internet modems (and compatibles). Also supports X-Modem transfers, and has a Phonebook.

Netsurf Updated, improvements to rendering and layout link

Amiga University – offline now but available via caching sites. Great idea would love to see it return.

link New 3D voxelspace shooter by Ralf Schmidt. Distributed as Freeware, thanks! Really nice 3D rendered sequences (optional). Cool music intro. Game is 3D with a proceedurally generated terrain. Gameplay at the moment is primitive – shoot everything. But the potential is huge. Large download, HD install only.

OpenFire – net battle tanks game
link – source code

Blask (Glow) – 3D game

More Amiga CD games installed as HD images for emulators (also real Amigas) – Wet: The Sexy Empire, Bubble Heroes, Wasted Dreams, Codename: Hellsquad and more. EAB Amiga Scene forum
Demoscene delights – link

Build an AROS machine from spare parts by Stephen Jones – 3 very good videos. Even if you don’t plan on building a machine it’s good to see an expert showing some of what AROS is capable of. link

link a dedicated collection to the Amiga video memory

Polyanna – 8 Channel tracker for C64. This gives a lot more creative options. I’m very interested in learning more, especially if there are any tradeoffs link

Plipbox Ultimate – Network interface & SD card reader for Classic Amigas

AmiLator – boot your computer from a USB stick that takes you to FS-UAE. link

Amiga Format Blitz Basic competition entries found, Erik Hogan trying to get permission from the original authors to release them. link

The SID Chip – YouTube vid by Michael Fox. Trackers can be intimidating at first but he explains how the chip produces the sounds it does and how it compares to other chips. I came away with a better understanding of what’s possible. link

Past Events
RetroKomp/LoadError 2017, Gdańsk, Poland – demoscene party

AmiWest – Sacramento USA link

25th – 16th Nov, RedPill Capacitor Amiga Party in Málaga, Spain – comps for games, music, demos and graphics. You can submit remotely too. link

Last poll:

8 votes for “Rob, you have to also find some spare time for SWOS tournament :P”
7 for an Introduction to Programming

6 votes for a TF Accelerator Assembly Workshop
5 votes for Repeating last year’s soldering workshop
4 for a technical presentation on some aspect of the Amiga hardware
2 for “Emulation: How and Why”
1 for a presentation on game cover art
1 for a presentation on “All things power supply related”

It’s early for this question but we’d like to cover the results in December rather than the new year.

EP9Amiworks does live piano of Monkey Island from his album Amiga Meets Piano Vol. 2 link