64K’s Later

03 Oct 2017

New games, music, events and banter. Poll for the choice of workshop/presentation at the Amiga Ireland meetup 2018.
Options include a soldering workshop, introduction to programming and more.

New power adapter for C64 in development by Chludzinski Sebastian

Commodore is back – this time with Mobile phones 🙂


AmigaLove Research Project “KickWork”

Phase5 official pre-order price list
This thread is gone, has been removed by the admin. – pre-order price


Amigos raised several hundred pounds for charity on their all-day marathon. Good games, good jokes, good fun.

Commodore 64 VR goggles

Adam Spring article describing what Friend is and what it isn’t. Should answer any questions and has embedded video too

New firmware for ACA500Plus


Argus RPG C64

Kick Off Revival has launched and a community site has been set up . You can see top goals as well as a video showing the gameplay and controls. thanks to @ko2cup on Twitter for pointing it out, they’re a KO community based in Ireland. Games That weren’t – c64 Amiga Games that Weren’t

Cool amiga hardware site

Incredible demo done for 4 C64s !! Function 2017 – Quad Core – Sigular Crew

Commodore Format C64 magizne (thanks to Michal Bergseth in the Amiga Ireland FB page for the tip )

Old computer manuals

Use your 1541-drive with Dopus

Old Usborne programming books for 8-bit machines released

Voice Synthesis for C64 using SAM (also Big Mouth). Not far behind Amiga Say in terms of quality

Picasso IV schematics / files

Diarmuid Keaney used a VIC20 to control a robot and entered it in the Aer Lingus Young Scientist Award in 1987 in the RDS. He used the VIC Rel as an interface.

Past Events
Riverwash, Poland

Datastorm Summer, Sweden

RetroKomp / LoadError – 20-22 October 2017 in Scena Muzyczna GAK, Gdańsk, Poland!

Commodore Story – Irish Chapter – Friday, Oct 6th in the Computer and Comms Museum of Ireland

Amiga Ireland Meetup 2018 – tickets on sale at
Jan 19th & 20th tickets cost 30 for Fri & Sat or 15 for just Sat. Games, guests, workshops, spot prizes and general good cheer.

Playing out with Tamás Pető from Hungary has done Last Ninja 2 on guitar