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07 Sep 2017

(Image by AmigaWave )
We talk about Vampire 4, new hardware releases, music, art, discoveries and more.

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New issue of KA Plus magazine (once per quarter)

Vampire V4 – standalone machine

C64 reloaded mk2 – preorder has just started

Laurent Zorawski of Amedia Computers France has been interviewed and a translation is available here
Laurent talks about running a real computer shop that stocks Amiga products as well as some suggestions for upgrades.

JazzCat’s EP released

Folio wordprocessor works in the browser on MorphOS and presumably other systems. has added a visitor map to it’s C64 server
This website is hosted on an unmodified Commodore 64 running Contiki server. Many other machines available too at Old

Amiga Live: Developer John Kayanas has fixed an issue affecting mixed operating systems with The Settlers. Also improved performance for WiFi gamers although Ethernet is still advised. – Cute little Pepsi advert from 1992 done using Deluxe Paint, Amiga 2000 and Video Toaster.

Yet another C64 WIFI modem.

Commodore OS

How to build your own C64 WIFI modem

Amiga-Look: Wallpapers, icons, themes, pointers etc:


Jope posted an interesting Ebay listing.

MacLIKEDock and other interesting progs

Amiga Graphics Archive

KA 71 – Channel mixing headphone amplifier

Laser upgrade for Amiga mouse AmigaLove article

RunInDosBox (thanks to Allan Ullmann)

Amiga Wave on YT. jojo073 on Twitter streams his image creations.

Past Events
AmiParty, Chełm, Poland

Pics Chomer

Amiga Bill


Jack Świdnik


All prods:


For November PS: vous pouvez envoyer des représentants à l’Alchimie 12 en novembre

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Spy vs Spy by LukHash from album C64-remixed. Visit

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