06 Jul 2017

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Complete soundtrack for the upcoming game POWERGLOVE on bandcamp…love-amiga-ost
AMIcast – Player for Amiga systems!
FreePascal compiler in your IBrowse 2.4 🙂
New release
Icaros 2.2 released

Amiga Forever and C64 Forever V7
Voodoo – X 2.0 Beta version 5
FriendUP version 1 released

Sam’s Journey pre-order has just started

Blitz BASIC 2 Tutorials from erik “Earok” Hogan

OpenBOR – The 2D Side Scrolling Engine Ported to Classic Amiga
Bugz (Open Source) by Marissa Giancarla
MiniSlug – MetalSlug port for Amiga

Amiga Workshops – a series of how to’s including a hard reset button mod and using Amiga as router with Miami Deluxe.

C64 Sound expander

Test application for Memory, peripherals, audio/visual, chips, batt, clock, ports and more

C64 Yourself

Marble Madness review on Amiga Love

Open Source / CC artwork for games

Thanks to RickC123 who popped into #amiga-ie to offer some code and tips to make some changes!

Silesia Party 2017, Poland
Great C64 party – lots of good demos

Nova Party is the Sundown replacement 23rd – 25th June. Budleigh Salterton, England. – Datastorm party 2017 – Gothenburg, Sweden

SWOS United!
Our series of Wednesday Funcups is still running fine. On the coming wednesday a clan competition will be help. 3 players joining together will be collecting points together vs other teams.
Theme: Game of Thrones (Game of SWOS)! 🙂
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Also, we are counting the days to this year’s World Cup in Budapest, on 29th/30th of July! 🙂 Right now sign up count is up to 50 players, from 8 different nations!

A600 problems after recapping

Which documentaries have you seen / plan to see? (You can come back and vote after if you’ve only heard of some of them)
Viva Amiga
Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years
The Commodore Story: Changing the World 8-Bits at a time (Dec 2017)
Demo Scene: The Art of the Algorithm
Demoscene Documentary
BBS The Documentary
Europe in 8-bits
Kim Justice: The Rise and Fall of the Commodore Amiga
History of the Commodore Amiga: 1992

Cyborg Jeff’s Power Glove album. Track – Peek a Boss…love-amiga-ost