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04 Jun 2017

[poll id=”5″] – I’ve been browsing through BitFellas ArtCity – the Demoscene Graphics Gallery

Vampire supports AGA and the SAGA core will be open sourced

AmigaAmp 3.22 released – new features include IceCast support

RS232 WiFi modem now available for sale:

Terrible Fire accellerators has announced that he plans to put an mp3 decoder into his FPGA

Mixxtape –

Dedicated X5000 blog (reported by Old School Game Blog)

Chris Huelsbeck – another Turrican album announced on Kickstarter:

Commodore Bandana’s for sale

Project Paula album released at the end of May and is available on bandcamp <a href=”>

Power Glove has been finished. It’ll be soon released via RGCD ( “soon”. (as well as Tiger Claw)

Descent: Freespace available for AmigaOS4.1

Wolfenstein 3D on C64/128 with SuperCPU or VICE

Blazing Guns – Another game in the making

Sam’s Journey –

Bridge Strike wins first prize in the AmiGameJam competition – River Raid remake. Downloadable along with the other entries here:

Amiga can emulate c64’s PETSCII in a terminal using 64Door and ColorTerm 2.2 Terminals

Frontier Elite paper models to download, print and fold (Amiga) by NIKLAS JANSSON
Our attempt came out like these.

AROS hardware configurations for laptops and desktops. Some very low cost solutions there

Dear old Amiga. You did the coding. We preserve it on aminet. Contact us at

Commodork: Sordid Tales from a BBS Junkie – the search engine that plants trees. Works on IBrowse. 10k/month donated to WWF.

Amiga game music converted to mp3 Try the ‘random’ button 🙂

ClassicFM plays computer game music once a week:

Immortal C64 podcast

Mambo’s Amiga Blog

Art by Ollie

Redit – tiny, no-nonsense text editor

VIP (Very Important Party) was held in France recently. A single production on Amiga this year by Unity which ranked 2nd in the oldschool demo contest.

Decrunch 2117 2 – 4 June, Wroclaw, Poland (phoen. Vro-tz-wav). Music, games, raytracing and more. – Production list

So far two great demos: – Enchantment Under the Sea by Resistance – Amiga OCS
Morphoza by Encore – MorphOS dem

Westchester Amiga User Group Meeting in AmigaBill’s Basement. Live recording:

Pacific Commodore Expo 2017 June 10 – June 11, 2017. Living Computer Museum, Seattle, WA

SWAG Meeting in Swindon Makerspace, 10 June:

SWOS Amiga Super League – join the fun here:

Markdown Editors
Removing MiamiDX

Space Team – multiplayer mayhem (Android/iOS, but possible on Amiga):

Daniel Tidwell guitar cover of Monkey Island Theme –