Floppy Fandango

07 Apr 2017

(Image courtesy of Trevor Dickenson of A-EON)

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Icaros Desktop Patreon

OpenGL on Vampire Cards

Vampire 500 going into mass production

AmiCloud new release: Regular updates of MorphOS software

UAE running in the browser AmiSSL 4.1 another update

Stephen Leary of Terrible Fire Accellerators has release a duelling banjos video with a twist

Aminet Upload MyAssigns

New C64 Fanzine ‘FREEZE 64’

Lumberjack reloaded:

PowerGlove Game in progress

AmiBird Flappy Bird clone

Time Gal

Four Player Games

1994 game Standard Deviation released

WiModem 232 – Jim Drew will be producing a WiFi Modem

Paul Rickards poll for his 25 pin RS-232 WiFi modem – picture of the WIFI RS232 prototype modem

Paula Powered – Level Up

C64 BBS index.

Datastorm 2017 – Sweden, Gothenburg

PPA event calendar is a demoscene event calendar – IBrowse 2.5 FAQ updated

Amiga User – new paper magazine in English Paper magazine in English for all Amiga users – Classics and NG systems, emulators enthusiasts, gamers and demoscene fans.

Italy have 5,000+ members

New Amiga France portal

Reminder: Sensible Days 2017 being held in Budapest 29th/30th July

We would like to invite everyone to our #IRC channel #amiga-ie on the server. You can use your Amiga with AmIRC, WookieChat or BlackIRC to connect 🙂 Or just use

Thanks to Playaveli from for the SWOS updates
Virtual Dimensions and Banjo Guy Ollie for music
JuneBug and AndyDee from the IRC channels for some tips

Duelling banjos by Terrible Fire