Once More with Feeling

01 Feb 2018

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Artstate Digital – Andrzej Wilk has released a new demo which should be available now

Amiga Future is 20 years old (and still going strong!)

Adebug, a commercial debugger for Motorolla 68000 processor for Amiga now open source

New version of AmiModRadio

Wicher 500i accelerator for the A500, now has a hardware MP3 decoder add-on module available, also firmware upgrades.

After quite some time there’s a new release of Amiga Cloud Handlers – Dropbox and Google Drive on Amiga (Iarla: I see OCR support there!).

Updates / bugfixes for Redit, LoadResident, MMULib…DizzyTorrent as well. 😀

Hold and Modify posted a download link for a lovely looking game that is still in development. “Highway Sprint, a new project by Earok in the form of a multiplayer game. For OCS Amigas with 1MB of RAM”

System 3: “Lots planned for 2018 including some sneak peaks at the new Last Ninja remake that is in development and some other classic System 3 game remakes. ”

Starfysh by The New Dimension was released on Christmas Day for the C64. Good looking game.

Shoot ‘em up construction kit competition 2018 announced. Doesn’t have to be a shooter, just use the kit to build your game.

Else We get Mad

Vintage is the New Old has compiled a list of 2017 game releases for Amiga, C64 and other systems Well done Kitty, that’s a fantastic list.

7 Modern BBSes worth calling today

A Kickstarter for new A500 cases is being prepared Posted by LambdaCalculus on

VIC 20 expansion in development VGER-20

Amiga City Radio

Britelite posted a non-playable demo of his port of Wolfenstein 3D for A500 + 1MB – looks really impressive – seems like a challenge

C64 Television. YouTube videos and Twitch Streaming of C64 Games

Andrew Kennett sends a link to an interesting site:

You can natively mount adf images in linux

We are a volunteer run project that exists to help local game developers both inside and outside of the industry to network, communicate and publicise their work. They promote training, events, diversity and more. Thanks to Vicky Lee and Alanna Kelly for putting us on to that.

Modern Vintage Gamer created the Outrun port that was on display at Amiga Ireland 2018.

C64 PSU replacement for $35 by Perifrantic | Retro Recipes


Amiga Ireland has wrapped up. Go to for some videos and pictures. SensibleBlogger and MsMadLemon have videos too. Next years plans have begun already AROS.

Amiga Glasgow

AmiParty in Chelm, Poland is about to begin on the 2-4.02.2018
This time all effort has been focused on good fun, entertainment, game tournaments, night karaoke, hardware presentation etc.