Fairy Tale

07 Dec 2017

Lemmings Mac Touch Bar app by Erik Olsson. Code is on github and contributions are welcome. link

RetroWars – Sci-Fi adventure game link

AmigaOS 3.1.4 beta link

AmigaUser is a new print magazine just out link
In this issue you will find 90 pages which include:

MorphOS 3.10 demonstrated at Amiga32 Neuss –

K1208 RAM+IDE expansion prototype working. Based on TF328 board, but for A1200.

Amiga Bill has released a video titled “Commodore Amiga Creative Stream” where he demonstrates DPaint, AD Pro, Image FX and more. He also released a timelapse of himself working on a photograph which is very interesting to watch. link

Acrylic housing for A500 and A500Plus link

Mister link

IRIS – a new MorphOS email client to be released in MorphOS 3.12. Screenshot by papiosaur shows it displaying html email. It’s the first time an email client will be bundled with MorphOS   link

A500/500+ cases from shown. New kickstarter, no other details yet. link

Christmas Mod collection by digituba link

Six level game by Flashhtro.

Naev:Sea of Darkness has been updated on the AROS archive. It’s a 2D space trading and combat game looks very nice. link


Tales of Gorluth 2 now available as download for €4.90. link

You can steal your opponents resources in Settlers 1 due to a bug that is illustrated and discussed on Reddit. Involves placing your flag as close as possible to your opponents path, clicking both mouse buttons simultaneously lets you join your flag to their path and the shenanigans begin 🙂 link

International Karate Ultimate for c64 released during Syntax 2017

Heroes of Gorluth, platformer RPG link

Dreams of Rowan: Pre Order (Dec 25th release date). Downloadable demo on the way. Needs an 030 processor so unless you have an Amiga 3000 or 4000 or you’re emulating, you’ll need an accelerator or similar. link

Mirror link Gameplay: link

Alarcity demo released byPixelglass. 8-way scrolling shoot-em-up for AGA Amigas link

Marissia Giancarla is looking for beta testers for her game Bugz. We mentioned it a few months back and now she’s looking for feedback. link

The first computer game ever sold in Ireland commercially was for the C64. It was recovered by Craig Harrisson in the Computer & Comm Museum of Ireland and Craig worked with multiple copies of the game to eventually get a complete working version. It’s not ready for release yet as it is tied to the hardware used to rip it, but it’s being worked on and will hopefully be released in the New Year. It was called Hitman and written by Niall Ó’Brollchain, who went on to become the Mayor of Galway and later a member of the senate.

Summer of SID – a free album link

Bi-annual 8-bit magazine “Lotek 64”. It’s auf Deutsch and 72 pages. Even if you don’t understand German, things like the level maps for games will be of use to you. They have a different vision for a mag and have a pretty big team of around ten contributors. link

THTTPd A simple, small, portable, fast, and secure HTTP server.


Amiga City Laptops are selling USB sticks with Amiga Emulation ready to go on them. 32GB for $20 – ship worldwide. They also sell laptops with Ubuntu linux on them and Amiga emulation set up on them, joysticks and other devices. link

link Quite a nice little website offering a lot of interesting addons to your Amigas.

In 2015 Rich Douglas released a synthweave re-recording of the complete Flashback.  link – the Commodore 64 sprite editor. Very nice UI. Offers C64 mode restrictions (number of colors per sprite, global sprite colors) so your output will work. Stacked sprite layers, import & export common formats. Works on any computer with a HTML5 web browser.

Checkmate A1500 Plus project by Stephen Jones. A3000-inspired desktop case designed to take A500, 600, 1200 and ITX boards (e.g. Tabor, PC motherboards)

Donncha Ó’Cuiv mentioned our podcast on his blog. He’s based in Cork, Ireland and his blog covers all kinds of things from games, retro, travel, photography, programming and music. He was blogging about the Quad Core demo by Singular Crew that we mentioned in a previous episode.

Really, really informative video with great insights and info from Retromancave himself, Ms Mad Lemon, Modern Vintage Gamer and to some extent ourselves. Retro Man Cave MIDI Mythbusting video: link

After all this time, the result is a finished version of Fairy Tale of New York.


Past Events
Capacitor Party 2017, Malaga, Spain


First Scottish Amiga User Group meeting 3rd Feb 2018 in Glasgow. link

Ask Amiga
Not from Stack Exchange, but a recent question on EAB showed some confusion about smooth scrolling on AGA Amigas.

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Playing out with Fairy Tale of New York by the Pogues of course, but by Amiga Ireland this time using Music-X and featuring the talent of Sarah Power. Sarah’s website: link