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14 Mar 2017

(Image courtesy of Trevor Dickenson of A-EON)

In episode 1 of the Amiga Ireland podcast, we talk about community events including the Amiga Ireland meetup 2017. We cover News, Gaming, Discoveries, Sports Desk as well as Community News & Events which includes Amiga Around the World, Listener Feedback, Mods and Poll of the Month.

*We are not a part of the Kickstarter project but we will probably forward the results to the team if there is enough response. If your language isn’t here, feel free to leave it in the comments section below!


David Pleasance’s new book:
Amiga Ireland 2017 event:
Legends of Amiga show:
HippoPlayer open sourced
Amiga Live
Max Knight
Tower 57
WRP (HTTPS proxy)
AmiSSL 4.0
Original meanings of Irish county names
Germany 32:
Ray Tracing Community:

Amiga Software Development Group:
Sensible Soccer International: or
Demos for Dummies:

Amiga Around the World

Phillipines: Gilbert Tan (still active)
Iraq: (Mohammed Abdul Ridha aka Mados – 3D graphics)


AmiParty XX
Summary: They had an intro compo and the winner was Craptro.

There was also a MSX compo.

Photo album 1
Album 2

MSX tunes:

Girl Next Door [MSX Multichannel Compo] AmiParty XX from chiptunes

Next meeting is on 11 – 13 August in Chelm, Poland

Amiga Ireland event January 2017

See for pics & videos

Decrunch 2117 2 to 4 June 2017
Demoscene and retro gaming, Wroclaw, Poland

Sundown returns this year on the 15th-17th July
Hosted by Ruairí Fullam. Last one ever. Budleigh Salterton Public Hall
, East Devon.

Germany 32 event
October 28th, Neuss Germany
Tickets are EUR 16:50

Sports new website is online and has 12,000+ members world wide.

SWOS Amiga Super League runs all year with matches every day being played around the world:
Currently 4 divisions and participation is open internationally

That’s all for this time!

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