Commodore Power

07 Jun 2018

LHA self-extracting archive – update to version 2.15 link

MilkyTracker for MorphOS link

A500 replacement case campaign on IndieGoGo just made its goal. Stretch goal not reached, but the team are investigating the possibility.

Vampire cards registration ends in June.

RNOWidgets link

The Art of Breaking Ground – is a documentary by Michał Barański about demoscene is available on YouTube (with English subtitles as well)

K1208 cards near completion

AmigaKit have completely revamped their website.

Game coding competition taking shape on EAB, 3 categories, €455 in prize money (and counting) link
Street Fighter II for C64 has some screenshots in circulation link

You an add autofire to your favourite joystick, even if it doesn’t have it built in thanks to a tutorial from Ms. Mad Lemon called Rapid Fire Project link

BOH will be released on CD/DVD

Open X-COM for MorphOS

Beta testers needed for Speedball 2 Ultimate for C64

Worms: Director’s Cut is to get an update. Andy Davidson announced in the Commodore Amiga Facebook group that the update, which was planned to follow the commercial release but never happened, is being worked on and will hopefully result in a free, full version of Worms: DC including updates.

Eye of the beholder for C64

Barbarian+ enhanced for Amiga and it looks great – teases improved animations and graphics.

Rastport – designs and manufactures devices for Amiga

Documents describing registers and also being a tutorial & help for the coders for 68k CPU

The power supply on the CD-32 has a different connector than the A-1200. It the Computer and Communications Museum of Ireland we’ve had a donation of a CD-32, but the power supply needs to be replaced.

Upcoming Events
Decrunch 2048 – 29th June – 3 day DemoParty with lots of Amiga demos, music, 2D graphics, 3D renderings. link

AmigoWisko – 16th & 17th June link

Provisional Meetup for Scottish Amiga users 4th August in Glasgow
Ask Amiga
2-button joysticks?

Online Activity
Top post in the Amiga Ireland FB group is by Seamus Doyle and called ‘Pick One’ with a conversation about which is better, Worms or Lemmings. link

Our top Tweet is a screenshot from the movie Mute (2018) has a reference to Syndicate on Amiga. The character even says: “See that syndicate over there? They work with my boss” link


Interview with Tower 57 developer Marco AKA BenitoSub.
We’ll be talking about his Amiga inspirations.
And what motivated him to make Amiga ports for OS4, AROS and MorphOS.

Playing out with Episode One by Easu. 4-channel Protracker module, 1st place in Amiga Demo Compo at Gerp