06 May 2021

Image: Winter Nights by Vasilis Psomiadis, 3rd place winner at Amiga Ireland 2021

Dublin Maker 2021 (link)
TF1230 Design Complete (link)
PiStorm – a turbo board utilising RPi (link)

Raptor 1200 announced by Apollo Team (link)
Fusion Magazine – Amiga special issue made freely available (for now?) as PDF (link)
TF1200 Adaptor under development (link)
MediaVault v1.0.0 released for AmigaOS 4 (link)
amigaXfer by rvalles lets you bootstrap your Amiga without floppies (link)
Wayfarer 1.16 released (link)
KA Plus (link)

Knight Rider 77 by Luigi Recanatese & Fabrizio Radica (link)
Turrican 2 AGA port from the VGA MS-DOS version underway (link)
Kings Valley a port of a MSX platformer (link)
Turbo Sprint is about to be released (link)
Wrong Way Driver by aBYSs (link)
Tanks Furry re-released in big box form (link)
Kingdoms of Steam (link)
3 indie games released for AmigaOS 4 (link)
Inviyya by Tigerskunk (link)
Plouf has been released in English (link)
Shadow Warrior ported to Amiga (link)

Scout is a handy application that lets you do all kinds of things to trouble shoot Workbench so you dont have to reboot. (link)
C64 can be used to mine BitCoins (link)
JST is on GitHub (link)
Frontier: Elite II 5-part comic series (pdf) (link)
NetBSD for Amiga – part one written in 1995 and part two in 2020 (link)

Midnight Pub (link)
August Lillea (link)

Full credits and links: Podcast Artistic Credits