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07 Dec 2020

(Image:  by Elena using Cinema4D Pro for Amiga)
The Amiga Show – A brand new Amiga channel about Amiga and created on Amiga. (link)
Amiga Addict magazine has hit its preorder target, first issue expected 14 Dec (link)
AMOS roadmap announced for 2021 including Vampire and enhanced graphics and sound operations (link) 

Retro Games Ltd teases potential “Amiga Mini” (looks like A500) for next year (link)
Calendar printing with Crono has an updated release on OS4, MorphOS and AROS (link)
Amigakit have teased a new A1200 fast RAM + flash board (link)
TwittAmiga has been updated to follow Twitter API changes (v4.4.1) (link)
Deficons Dump 1.0 – Shows what project tools are associated with a file (link)
HexShow 1.4 has added more columns, faster scrolling and now 1Kb smaller (link)

Super Sprint AGA by Graeme Cowie is nearing completion (link)
AmiCygnix Game Pack for OS4 updated, includes new games and updates (link)
Astro Blox Revisited. A very nice clone of Sokoban (link)
Ambermoon open source remake for PC; original Ambermoon (& Amberstar) available for free download (link)
Lunark (link)
Wiz (AGA platformer) released, boxed version in the works (link)
ZGR3D version 1.3.1 has been released and is available for download from PPA (link)
Funfair Inc. – A Theme Park clone by Arlasoft for the C64 releases sometime in December (link)
Heart of Darkness ported, needs very powerful Amiga (link)
Outrage by Cosmos Design – a great platformemer in a Hawkeye style is nearly completed (link)
Project Osiris (Alien Breed 3D for Doom); last update: 0.10 (10/10/2020) (link)
Tristam Island – a new text adventure game (link)

iUridium 2 on iOS app store (link)
Micro Men, documentary on the British home computer industry (link)
A gallery of loads of Winamp skins which also work in AmigaAmp. You can even use them in the browser. (link)
Amiga 1200 28th anniversary (21st Oct) & C64 38th (August) (link)
A 68k board for hacking on. H/t to Nivrig Games. (link)
ZGloom: reimplementation of Amiga FPS for more modern OSes (last release, 0.3.0 on 24/05) (link)
BareED text editor and a funny bug 🙂 (link)
8-Bit Symphony Pro: Second Half KS ending on 06/12; for sale as pre-order on C64Audio if goal of £55k is met; link to First Half for purchase (link)
Macro – a workbench application that records and replays keystrokes (link)
H0ffman explains how to convert samples on your PC to use with Amiga ProTracker. (link)

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The song of the month this month is the Super Cars 2 theme, originally by Barry Leitch this time arranged by Dec FastLoaders