Beep! Beep!

08 Nov 2019

Beep! Beep!

Beep! Beep!

Amiga Joker 30th anniversary – the original Joker team release a jubilee edition. (link)
AmiWest took place in California recently, some news on the Tabor board (revised for obsolete parts, drivers being worked on, etc.) (link)
Perry Kivolowitz has been awarded a 2019 Engineering Emmy Award for SilhouetteFX. (link)
Morpheus Wordprocessor v1.0 released supporting RTF & ODT

Checkmate 1500+ second batch preordering open (link)
An Amiga laptop was among items of interest at AmiWest (design phase) (link)
Mindspace 1.3a released for OS4. Its a mindmapping tool. (link)
Synergy client has been rewritten for OS4 and updated with new features (link)
ADF Master for MacOS means you dont need an emulator to modify ADFs. (link)
Amiga Rocks – Triple album of Amiga music by Norwegian band Fastloaders (link)
IBrowse 2.5.1 – bugfixes and updates for the Amiga browser (link)
SysInfo 4.3 released with Apollo + 060 support (link) is indexing recorded Amiga developer sessions at AmiWest (link)
Picasso P96 V2.4.3 published – bugfixes (link)

Coque N Kieagua Rally by Guillermo Amat – kids driving game with good options. (link)
The Murky Woods text adventure released as AREXX game (link)
Sarah Jane Avory is featured in an article on her long history of game dev
Preview of Rotator released (link)
Early preview of Saboteur for Amiga (link)
Eye of the Beholders release is getting closer – first intro released (link)
RTS game “AI” has been updated and released. 3rd in Speedgame 2019 Comp (link)
Rygar gets released (link)
Stoker – a preview of a new platformer (link)
Black Dawn – an early preview can be downloaded (link)

Ghidra – an application for reverse engineering code which supports Amigas m68k. (link)
The full reasons behind the QWERTY keyboard layout (link)
Internet Archive adds over 2,500 Dos games to play in your Browser (link)
Snoopy for linux (system monitor) (link)
A study on dysregulated online gaming suggests gaming itself not the underlying issue
Aha converts ANSI escape sequences to HTML for sharing on the web (link)

Norwich Amiga Users Group meetup – 17th Nov 16:00 (link)
Scottish Amiga Users Group meetup, Glasgow 8th December (link)

Workbench-Kickstart version compatibility (has this been done already?) (link)
Top Tweet: (link)
Top FB Post: (link)

Everyway (specially for Pola), a 64K intro.