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03 May 2018

Ars Technica publishes another episode of “History of Amiga: Red vs Blue” – great reading
WinUAE 4.0 Beta link
4 Decades of Amiga Demos (234MB Download for CD32) link
Jacek Piszczek, one of the MorphOS core developers, has prepared a great guide regarding MUI.framework and Objective-C in MorphOS

Versus issue 8 link
Objective-C also ported to OS3, OS4 port in progress
AmiCast have posted a video on how to edit a podcast with OS4 link
New version of SMBFS 68k link
New C= hardware has been donated to the Computer & Communications Museum of Ireland by Eddy Carrol, the author of SnoopDOS. Included are a VIC-20, C64, C128, A500 & A1000, CD-32 and then peripherals manuals and documentation from the first Commodore group in Ireland CUGI.
IRIS – MORPHOS e-mail client gets a public beta version released.
MorphOS SDK 3.12 updated – most important things are implementation of Objective-C MUI, Clang compilation tool, update of libraries and other components, GCC5 and GCC 6.4.0 compilation tools.

Sensible Days – Annual International SWOS Championship, 21-22 July in Billund, Denmark
Road Avenger great port from SNES

The Nintentdo Switch can now run linux, both Arch and Ubuntu. Hopefully not too long until emulated Amiga will be possible. link

Jean-Francois Fabre, known as JOTD, posted on the  English Amiga Board forum a request to all people who reported errors regarding the operation of slave files, used to control WHDLoad games run, as well as to those currently encountering errors in their operation.Reporting new bugs by bugtracker instead of forum:
Old and unacknowledged errors will be removed from the database.

There are loads of magazines for Amiga at the moment, some in print some digital downloads or both. Lots of magazines from back in the day like Amiga Format are available from But there are current magazines are being produced to a high standard today and worth looking at. Languages include Italian, Polish, Spanish, French, German & English and we’re going to take just one each to look at.

Amiga User Magazine EUR 8 + EUR 5 shipping to Ireland link

KA Plus Magazine
7 Euro + 5 Euro shipping to Europe

Amiga Future €6.50, or €9.50 for the CD edition + shipping, or subscription €51.90 or €69.90 including shipping

Upcoming Events
New Amiga is being developed which has emulation inside. Will be on display at Retrospillmessen in Norway May 12 – 13. link (via )

Chris Huelsbeck Concert on June 11th link

Ask Amiga
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“How to create fast an icon file for Amiga program in WB drawer?”


Playing out with Einsteinium-01 composed by einstein of the warfalcons.