Amiga Ireland: Beer Edition. Jan 28th & 29th 2022 in Athlone!

05 Nov 2021

Flower Collage by Douglas Compton aka 10MARC – 4th place winner of the 2021 Pixel Art competiton

Amiga Ireland 2022: Beer Edition. happens on Jan 28th & 29th in Athlone. Pre-book tickets on our website. (link)
TF1260 gerber files released (link)
DvPlayer for OS4 gets updated to version 54.7 (link) 

GuideML – AmigaGuide to HTML converter gets first update in 13 years (link)
Breaking Even album released on Bandcamp. Created on A600. (link)
Completly rewritten version of Roadie – a Roadshow TCP/IP stack GUI. (link)
Emu68 developer has shared his AmiWest presentation (link)
Hippo Player gets yet another update (link)
“Commodore Amiga: a Visual Compendium” now available for pre-order (link)
Media Vault – new features added to this great podcast and media app for OS4 (link)
Amiga Germany – new fanzine (“Die Erstausgabe ist da” – the first issue is out) (link)

I got my boxed copy of Turbo Tomato. Its fantastic, go and get it. (link)
Jackal Port update available, demo downloadable, pay-what-you-want (link)
Briley Witch Chronicles by Sarah Jane Avory gets released (link)
Devils Temple – former Kung Fu Master port turns full original game (link)
Darkest Hour, a multi-platform text adventure ported to Amiga by xet7 (link)
The Shadows of Sergoth to be released this month (link)
Oil Worker has been ported to OS4 (link)
F1GP gets its car dataset for the 2021 F1 season (link)

Amiga 68k Assembly programming video tutorials in English and Italian (link)
Retrospective in English on Dynabyte – one of the last Commodore-era game publishers from Italy (link)
Agony was originally codenamed Twilight. The Belgian group that created it changed the name to something beginning with A so it would top the sellers lists. (link)
Live piano cover of Tim Wrights Agony theme by Grazia Pizzuto (link)

Based Cooking (link)
Internet Death Cult of Fun (link)

Top Tweet: (link)
Top FB Post: (link)
Nov Kersen by Uberphawx 7th MOD 2021 (link)

Nov Kersen by Uberphawx 7th MOD 2021


Full credits and links: Podcast Artistic Credits